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VFX on Jeepers    

"Jeepers Creepers" released on DVD

"Jeepers Creepers" Directed and written by Victor Salva, the film centers around a monster that uses humans to regenerate parts of its own body.

Max Ink Cafe was contracted by E=MC2 to handle the modeling/animation of the creatures wings and execute the production of six shots adding wings to the creature in the movie.

The Max Ink Cafe crew included CGI supervisor Todd Sheridan Perry, CGI producer Jennifer A. Champagne, modelers Lucas Feld and Michael Sanchez, 3D roto artist Lisa Lavender.

At E=MC2 the crew included VFX supervisor Robert W. Morgenroth, CGI supervisor Paul Le Blanc, digital artist Buddy Gheen, wire removal artist Noley and VFX producer Scott Ramsey.

Additional on-set Supervision was done by Todd Sheridan Perry and Scott Kirvan of Max Ink Cafe.