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Max Ink Café Creates HD Effects Shots For Spoof Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon

Effects facility Max Ink Café was instrumental in the creation of what is being called one of the best digital film spoofs of a Blockbuster movie ever made. The company's Todd Sheridan Perry was responsible for the VFX Supervision of the short and carried his duties through post production as CG Supervisor. All of the spoofs' convincing effects shots were done in high-definition resolution at Perry¹s Venice based studio, Max Ink Café.

Available now for viewing at, Pearlmageddon: Pearl Harbor II has been voted "Funniest Spoof of the Year" by, the website for people of the film and digital technology trade. In its first three days of viewing, Pearl Harbor II received more than 40,000 hits, with the number of visits growing daily.

The 8-minute short directed by Rob Monoit, and produced by Taz Goldstein of Built-D Pictures, a Santa Monica based digital film studio, was shot on Cinemascope 24p HD on a Panavision HD camera.
Above: Battle Ship Row was created using a mixture of 3DStudioMax,
Deep Paint 3D, Afterburn, Seascape and Terragen.
"After working with Max Ink Café on several projects in the past, it was a no-brainer when we decided to give them all of the HD effects work on our new film, Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon. As usual, they got it done quickly and affordably, and the results blew off our feet as well as our socks," states the films director, Rob Moniot.

Thanks to the awaited launch of the new Max Ink Café website, a breakdown of Max Ink Café's HD effects shots for Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon may now be viewed, adding another avenue for the film and its creatives to gain exposure. Pete Shumar's PixelCine', is the genius web design company behind the newly crafted site, and has been the creative eye for many companies with an interest in top of the line design.

Above: 3DStudioMax, setup the scene, while the earth was pulled from NASA
Sattelite Photography.
The studio's site doles out helpful information, and contains great content such as Max Ink's portfolio that allows you to view featured projects from rough to final rendered images, as well as movies in quick time or divx format. The "Reviews" section gives visitors access to read both software and technical movie effect reviews and breakdowns written over the years by Todd Sheridan Perry and Jennifer Champagne, both Max Ink Café principles and well-revered technical writers. Requests for demo reels and media kits are made simple by being an option to choose from on the site.


Above: Meteor and Trail was created in Afterburn.


Above: The Impact Cloud was Afterburn. The Hat modeled in
3DStudioMax and rendered with Brazil r/s.


Above: Smoke was Afterburn and the Meteor was 150 lb rock.
Since becoming a "one to watch" effects studio, Max Ink Café has done an array of great projects to date, including shots in Victor Salva¹s horror thriller Jeepers Creepers, Roger Corman's new and not yet released film Shakedown, and the recently released Sony PlayStation 2 game entitled Dragon Rage. All will be available for viewing on the company's site.

To view Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon log onto For more information, visit or For more information, visit, and to visit the official Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon website please go to For more information, visit

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