MIC Principals    


Todd Sheridan Perry
IMDB Listing: http://us.imdb.com/Name?Perry,+Todd

Co-owner of Max Ink Café, LLC and Max Ink Productions, LLC animation and effects house/production house in Venice, California – Todd Sheridan Perry wears the titles Director, Writer and Visual Effects Supervisor.

Perry is a traditionally trained artist as well as both a traditional and digital animator. His diverse background in video games, film and television has led him to play key roles in such digital projects as FOX’s Freakylinks and American Zoetrope’s Jeepers Creepers and Built D-Pictures Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon – a jovial romp through the “Day of Infamy”.

Perry’s experience in the realm of visual effects and animation, combined with his love of story telling has aided him in writing intriguing scripts such as Stage 17, Show Control, Fault, Pits and Dolls.
In complement to his Visual Effects Supervisor skills; Directing also comes naturally, often stepping in as VFX Unit Director for numerous Roger Corman/New Concorde productions.

Currently, he is a Technical Director for New Line Cinema’s Lord of the Rings: Two Towers in New Zealand. (To view his work on Lord of The Rings: Two Towers click on over to his personal website.) He recently wrapped an animated pitch piece for a new ABC Family pilot Funky and Groovy, and supervised the season’s final episodes of Even Stevens for Disney.

Perry’s opinions and beta testing feedback have been utilized in programs such as SideFX’s Houdini, Alias/Wavefront’s Maya as well as Discreet/Kinetix 3D Studio Max 4 and numerous plug-ins. He also shares his knowledge through technical articles and reviews in The Digital Network’s Online Community.

Before forming Max Ink Café, LLC and Max Ink Productions, LLC, Perry worked at Vortex Media Arts, Studio Productions and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

He received his BFA at Pacific Lutheran University with an emphasis in 2-dimensional media, which included illustration, painting, photography and digital media, supplemented by training in character animation at Tennyson Ani-Works and optical FX ay Alpha Cine.

Jennifer A. Champagne
IMDB Listing: http://us.imdb.com/Name?Champagne,+Jennifer

Co-owner of Max Ink Cafe, LLC and Max Ink Productions, LLC animation and effects house/production house in Venice, California – Jennifer oversees all Max Ink Business and Production Issues.

Jennifer is a great supporter of the independent spirit, eager to jump in and lend both her energy and that of Max Ink’s. As a result of this dedication, Max Ink Cafe has contributed to seven short films over the past three years including Blue, Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmaggedon, Choose Life, The Dancing Cow, Shadow of Doubt, The Story of Computer Graphics, and the effects-laden short, Only Hope .

In the case of Only Hope, Jennifer produced the film, not only crewing the production, but also successfully soliciting donations of time and resources from people at 5 visual effects companies to assist Max Ink Cafe in post-production destruction of LA.

Since starting Max Ink Cafe – Champagne has produced the effects on other notable projects such as American Zoetrope’s Jeepers Creepers, Infested, Shakedown, Emmy Award Winning Superbowl XXXII, Dragon Rage, Black Scorpion Series (Episodes 12 through 23), Profiler, X-Files, Freakylinks, Even Stevens, Players, and Nitro Films Logo. The latter of which won Max Ink Cafe the Animation Magazine “Animation Spotlight Award”.

She recently returned from New Zealand where she was putting the finishing touches on her directorial debut, Blue. A short film that she wrote, produced and directed. Shot in black and white; Blue is a minuet styled short film, with untraditional numinous digital effects that enhance the prose tone of the film.

An accomplished visual effects trade press writer, Champagne regularly contributes articles to Millimeter Magazine, Visual Magic, Animation Magazine, AWN, DV Magazine as well as The Digital Media Net Community. Many of these articles can be viewed on her personal website.

Prior to starting Max Ink Café, Champagne worked at Vortex Media Arts, Studio Productions, Flip Your Lid Animation Studio and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Champagne studied English and Journalism with concentration in Technical Writing and Photography at the private Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan.