MIC History    

  links History of Max Ink Cafe, LLC

Founded in 1997 by partners Todd Sheridan Perry and Jennifer A. Champagne, Max Ink Cafe was created as a response to streamlining the art of production and not being caught up in political red tape that is often a part of large corporate structures.

Taking the experience they gained from working in animation and visual effects with companies such as Vortex Media Arts, Studio Productions and Sony Pictures Imageworks, Perry and Champagne started the company in two small offices on Ocean Front Walk in Venice, CA.

Not wanting to limit the company's capabilities into a specific niche,  MIC has kept themselves diverse by working on projects ranging from game cinematics, commercials, music videos, broadcast design, television and film.  

Five years later MIC has expanded into a larger space housing a team of artists who share the same vision and artistic drive.

MIC remains on top of software development by writing reviews for products like Paint, Effect, and Edit from Discreet as well as participating in beta teams for Elastic Reality, 3DStudioMAX, Houdini, Maya, Renderman, and Brazil.