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Max Ink Cafe, LLC - CGI/Animation and Effects, Venice, CA

Max Ink Cafe, LLC has been creating CG animation and visual effects for over five years now with a great deal of diversity and success. Among some of our highlights have been our contribution to the opening graphics to Superbowl XXXIII and visual effects for FOX, New Concorde, and American Zoetrope.

Another notable project is Only Hope, a 35mm short film where we acted not only as the vfx house - overseeing 24 film resolution shots depicting the destruction of LA, but we were the production house as well. Other projects we have participated in have been Festival-award winning shorts such as The Dancing Cow, Choose Life, The Story of Computer Graphics and Shadow of Doubt.

Over the last few years we have added a great deal of diversity to our reel including visuals ranging from video games, commercials, and interstitials for television on up to visual FX for 35mm feature films. Such projects worthy of mention include game cinematics for The 3DO Company (WDL War Jetz, WDL Battle Tanks, Warriors of Might & Magic and Dragon Rage), broadcast design for The Animal Planet Channel (Croc Week), visual FX on FOX's series Freakylinks as well as effects shots on the feature film Jeepers Creepers for American Zoetrope.

The Max Ink Cafe, LLC partners Todd Sheridan Perry and Jennifer A. Champagne take pride in their team of artists ranging from modelers and animators to compositors and matte painters. The Max Ink Artist pool covers the gamut when it comes to special pre-production and post-production needs. Whether Max Ink is brought in for visual effects breakdowns, storyboards, concept art, and 3D previsualization or approached for onset supervision and consultation, they have experienced artists to handle every step of the process.

Perry and Champagne have been contributing writers for numerous industry based magazines and online sources covering topics from new software to emerging technologies and trends to interviews with established and up and coming talents in the animation and digital effects world. They, along with their team, have an on-going dedication to the testing of software in development including 3DStudioMAX, Maya, RendermanNT, Commotion, as well as numerous plugins for these platforms. It is their belief in and dedication to this evolving technology that keeps the Max Ink team current and cutting edge allowing them the ability to provide their clientele innovative solutions and problem solving techniques within the effects world today.

Be on the look out for future short subject and feature development from the Max Ink Cafe, LLC team.

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